Landscaping Installation

Why should I consider hiring Beining’s to install my landscaping rather than doing it myself?

TIME – For those who don’t have the time or who just don’t have a green thumb, our landscape installation services are for you!  Our crew of 2-3 people can install the average residential landscape in 1-3 days, preventing projects from dragging out because of weather delays.  Less time will be required watering and taking care of your plants until they are installed.  Our knowledgeable experienced installation team makes it easy to have a landscape that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

EQUIPMENT – We do this for a living, so we have the right tools for the job- from the trucks and trailers we use to haul our materials, to our power edger, bobcat, tiller, auger, and hand tools.

PROPER SOIL PREPARATION – This means everything to your new plants and how well they establish themselves in their new home.  We use the correct soil additives in the planting bed and our bobcat-mounted rototiller can break up the soil and mix in the additives to the proper depth; even in the toughest of soil conditions.  We can easily add additional topsoil if needed and grade the planting beds for the proper drainage.

WEED CONTROL – We treat the planting area prior to installation to rid it of unwanted vegetation, and use the proper procedures to prevent future weed problems.  We are licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicators and therefore can use products not available to the homeowner.

PROPER PLANTING TECHNIQUE – We know how the plants should be spaced, the proper planting height, which ones need their roots scored, which ones must not have their roots disturbed, which ones need pruned at planting time, and which trees need staking and trunk wrap applied.  We use only the amount of material needed to do the job right, and we take back any leftovers.  You only get billed for what we use.

TWO YEAR GUARANTEE ON PLANTS AND LABOR – If anything dies within the first two years, we’ll send someone out to replace it at no charge.  Most companies only offer a one-year guarantee.

LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE SERVICE – We can provide trimming, pruning, weed control, mulching, and other landscape maintenance services to the landscapes we install.  We usually perform this work in early Spring and/or mid Summer.  Besides keeping your landscape looking great, proper pruning and early pest detection will add many years to your landscape.  Fees are based on time and materials required.


What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by treating yourself to a breathtaking landscape makeover.